CPIA Plastics Industry Leadership AwardsCPIA Awards

CPIA Awards provide the opportunity to recognize outstanding individuals and companies for their commitment and dedication to the ongoing success of the plastics industry.  


Nomination deadline July 26, 2019

Award Selection

CPIA conducts an open call for expressions of interest for nominations. Individuals or companies can self-nominate or they are nominated by others. An external awards committee reviews all submissions evaluate their merits and determine whether or not the nominee meets the award criteria before declaring them a winner.  Winners will be notified by CPIA July/Aug 2019.

CPIA Award Winner Benefits

Winning a prestigious CPIA Plastics Industry Leadership Award offers a myriad of benefits including:

  • personalized recognition award plaque
  • extensive industry media coverage
  • profile and photo in Canadian Plastics Magazine
  • career-enhancing credential for publishing on résumé and social media profiles
  • reputation building within the industry and amongst peers
  • promotion on www.plastics.ca which receives thousands of visitors a month
  • company use of CPIA Award logo 
  • recognition in CPIA's Plastics Perspectives "e-newsletter"
  • presentation ceremony with industry colleagues at CPIA Awards Dinner Oct. 2, 2019. 

2018 CPIA Plastics Industry Leadership Awards were  awarded and celebrated at
CPIA Awards Dinner Oct. 3, 2018. 

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Award Categories & Criteria

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Leader of the Year Award  

  • Individuals who are widely recognized as having made important contributions to their businesses, to their communities and to the Canadian plastics industry.
  • They currently own or manage successful and innovative businesses in the plastics sector.
  • They have continually used their knowledge and influence to improve the competitive and environmental performance of this industry and are a CPIA member.  
  • In addition, they contribute their time and resources to community and other organizations dedicated to society-building.  

Plastics Industry Young Leaders Award

  • This award for individuals is intended to showcase inspirational and dedicated young leaders (under 40) who demonstrate leadership in plastics businesses (running a company or division), innovation or technical leadership and/or sustainability efforts (corporate or community).  
  • Recipients serve as a positive role model for young professionals thinking of entering the plastics industry.  

Canplast Award   

  • Individuals who contribute their time, energy and expertise to improving the competitive and environmental performance of the Canadian plastics industry.  
  • Typically, nominees have been active volunteers in association and industry committees, boards and task groups.  
  • Nominees are recognized by their peers as having made a positive contribution to the health of the industry either through teamwork or leadership or both.  

Lifetime Achievement Award  

  • Individuals who have made outstanding achievements and contributed enduring legacies to the Canadian Plastics Industry and to the community at large.
  • Nominees are widely recognized as industry leaders and builders perhaps now drawing to a close an illustrious career, or moving onto a new set of challenges and opportunities.

Innovator Award  

  • Individuals or organizations who have contributed to the advancement of the Canadian plastics industry in the areas of materials, products, process/technology, or marketing/communications.
  • Nominees may be in industry, academia, government or non-profit organizations.

Sustainability Award  

  • Individuals or organizations who have contributed to the sustainability of the Canadian plastics industry in an environmental, social or economic manner, including post-use plastics recovery. 
  • Nominee’s contributions could be for efforts related to sustainability in recycling or for products or packaging that has been produced in Canada and contains at least 20% post-use plastics collected for recycling.
  • Nominees may be recyclers, brand owners manufacturing consumer, commercial, industrial and institutional products, retailers manufacturing their own branded products or plastic companies manufacturing plastic products or plastic packaging.