CPIA Member Testimonials


"We couldn’t be happier with the work that CPIA is taking on in such a constructive manner for our industry.  At Farnell Packaging , we are looking at the challenges that are facing our industry as opportunities.  Thank you for all that you are doing to support addressing these challenges." 
Debby Farnell-Rudolph, Farnell Packaging

"Thank you to CPIA for leading the charge and getting the facts, figure and arguments in front of the Ontario government.. . . and other parts of the country. Doors need to stay open, not close. . .  if we are to have an aspirational goal of zero waste to landfill."
Jay Stanford, M.A., M.P.A., Director, Environment, Fleet & Solid Waste, Environmental & Engineering Services, City of London

"CPIA continues to do the industry a world class service."
Gary Hughes, Brampton Engineering, 

"Thanks, CPIA and its team are doing an excellent job in terms of focusing on Recycling, Sustainability and Green Applications. As a professional in plastics field and being associated with CPIA for the last 20 years, I must compliment you, Carol and Joe for this excellent work."
Harinder Tamber, Director of Polymer Resin & Film Extrusion (PRFE) Consultants Inc.

“Our membership in CPIA provides numerous dividends because of the comprehensive nature of their work and positive influences organization has.  Ranging from policy advocacy to the value plastics deliver, to educational programs and webinars,  as just a few examples, CPIA every year covers a lot of ground, and I find a huge amount of alignment between my company’s values and the engagement of CPIA in these areas.”
Mark Kay, Group Leader, Performance Films, NOVA Chemicals Inc.

"Over the many years, our industry has faced many challenges. We at GLI want to express our sincere gratitude to the CPIA. Your continued support of our industry is key and crucial and one which motivates us to achieve endless possibilities in a competitive world. Again many thanks to you and your staff….great work!!"
Jim Ellies, CEO, Gracious living Innovations Inc. 

"We appreciate all your advocacy and good work on our behalf." 
Jim Stobie, Chief Executive Officer, Macro Engineering & Technology Inc.

"... We have been members of CPIA for several years and can testify to their involvement in our industry. They have accompanied, supervised and supported us in all our governmental approaches to environmental defense. Without their support, many of the Quebec film converters would now be unjustly closed or heavily regulated. We encourage you to join our association and be part of a group that ensures the sustainability and viability of our industry."
Marc Robitaille, President of OMNIPLAST INC.

"The pace of change in today’s business environment is impressive.  If you’re not innovating, networking and keeping a 360° view around your business you’ll miss an opportunity, be caught by the unexpected and be left wondering where your customers went.  Our Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA) membership keeps me informed about the issues that the plastics industry is facing.  The CPIA is taking action on our behalf to fight bans, taxes and junk science that finds its way into the media.  However, fighting those battles is only half the story, providing end of life solutions for plastics is the other and in that regard the CPIA is the national voice working with all levels of government and NGOs to find and implement those solutions.  

The educational opportunities provided by attending the CPIA innovation forums and post-use seminars are an excellent way to keep abreast of emerging technologies.  The Parliament Days are an exceptional opportunity to meet with provincial and federal politicians and have a voice with key influencers.  Attending the awards gala and the annual Plastic Film Manufacturer’s golf tournament allow me to stay connected with my industry peers.  To stay ahead of the rapid change our industry faces, I strongly encourage all companies that are associated with the plastics industry to become CPIA members and get involved in your association." “Action is the foundational key to all success” Pablo Picasso
Terry J. Elliott,  President, Scepter 

“We think very highly of CPIA and the work they do. They work extremely hard to defend and promote plastics, in general, and foam foodservice products, specifically. Their work on recovery of post-use plastics is very strong, and what they do is effective and provides a lot of value to Dart. We are very pleased with our membership in CPIA and expect to see the good work continue. They do a tremendous job."
Ray Ehrlich, Dart Cup Ltd. 

"Macro Engineering & Technology Inc. has been a member of CPIA for a number of years. I work as an R & D Manager in Macro and represent Macro in CPIA. Your organization is doing an excellent work in areas pertaining to issues on plastic resins, films, recycling and environmental impact"
Harinder Tamber PhD, Macro Engineering & Technology Inc.

"Dow Chemical is supportive of CPIA's ongoing efforts to protect and grow the interests of the Canadian plastics industry across the whole value chain. I encourage all companies in the industry to get involved and support CPIA."
Jon Pyper, Dow Chemical Company

"CPIA is an excellent Trade Association that provides continues excellent, strong and proactive leadership in protecting and advancing the merits and benefits of the Plastic industry and its products in Canada and internationally."

"Facing key issues as a united industry is always more effective. Increasing recycling capabilities and addressing unfair bans and/or taxes on plastic bags, to name just two initiatives, have more than paid for our membership."
Roger Keeley, Atlantic Packaging Products Ltd.

"Our company has supported CPIA for 15 years deriving both direct and indirect benefits. You get what you give and, without doubt, progressive companies will see and understand the value of belonging to the CPIA community."
David Birkby, Westbridge

"Through the promotion of plastic recycling, focusing on issues that impact the plastic industry, and rebranding the plastic sector as a large employer that adds tremendous value and benefits to the economy and Canadian lifestyles - CPIA has become an association of action focussed on results for the betterment of its members."
Laurie Borg, NexCycle Plastics Inc.

"We have been a proud member of CPIA since it's beginning. CPIA has proactively supported and championed our industry through challenging times in a solutions-based model dedicated to member concerns. Industry leaders coming together at regional and national networking events have been inspirational in their dedication to building a vibrant, sustainable Canadian plastics industry."
Debby Farnell Rudolph, Farnell Packaging Limited


CPIA & WISE Resource Recovery Conference June 21-22, 2018
Just want to congratulate you for organizing and hosting a very informative conference the last couple of days. I found the presentations and the opportunity to connect with the various key stakeholders very good. Well done.
Jon Pyper, The Dow Chemical Company

CPIA Plastics Sustainability Within A Circular Economy Dec. 2017:
Very well run and very informative about current state of sustainable plastics and future opportunities/challenges.
Randy Shermet, Polykar

CPIA Plastics Industry Leadership Awards 2016:
"I just wanted to thank you. My colleagues enjoyed the event last night and told me how amazing the experience was.  I hope to attend next year.  My company was greatly appreciative of the award and recognition.  We are overjoyed."
Stephanie D'Mello, Polytainers

CPIA Sustainability Throughout the Plastics Life Cycle Info Session Jan 27, 2015:  
"This was an excellent one-stop shopping experience in order to get updated on the state of affairs in the plastics industry.”  
Rob Cumming, Company: Lafarge Canada  

"Excellent and timely presentations related to general economic outlook and specific industry and PE/PP forecasts."
Attendee at PFMAC Fall General Meeting Nov. 2014

Savings Programs

Bruce Power

"We are very happy with the interactions and relationship we have developed with Bruce Power. In a sea of energy retailers that don’t always have your best interests at heart, Bruce Power seeks to understand your business then presents options that serve to manage the risks associated with purchasing electricity for your business. It’s clear that their goal is to develop partnerships and an ongoing business relationship. We were impressed with their proactive follow-up and the analysis they provided of how our contract met the risk management objectives we originally discussed. We would encourage other CPIA members to explore how Bruce Power could partner with them to manage the volatility inherent in purchasing electricity for your business."
Terry Elliott, (former) Ampacet

Toronto Plastic Bag Ban Reversal

"Congratulations to [CPIA] and the rest of the Plastic Bag group on today's news from Toronto City Hall. All of you invested a lot of time and effort in making this happen but it was for the right, and winning, cause."
Paul Cohen, W. Ralston Canada (Nov. 2012)

"Thank you for your assistance in our victory earlier today. This has been a long and difficult road but with your input, we were able to achieve our objective. Ours was a strong team and each of you made significant contributions to the development of our strategy and its execution. Your input and assistance was invaluable."
Gerry Maldoff, Hymopack Ltd. (Nov. 2012)

"Well done , Marion! This was a good economic result and in my view environmentally good as well."
E.L. Springolo, Bayer MaterialScience, Bayer Inc. (Nov. 2012)

"Great news - Thanks to you and your team for your tireless efforts to defeat the Toronto Ban on Plastic Bags!"
Dwayne Standing,, Sun Chemical Limited (Nov. 2012)

"Congratulations Marion. Great win for the team, for the city and for the industry."  
Greg Wilkinson, Earnscliffe (Nov. 2012) 

"Congratulations.  I’m sure it won’t be the last time we hear about a plastic bag ban in Toronto. However, this allowed the industry to get the facts out and raise awareness of the multiple uses of the bag and the recycling efforts that are in place. Well done."
Terry Elliott, (former) Ampacet (Nov. 2012)