CPIA Welcomes New Members

Please join us in welcoming these firms into the association, and thank them for their support of our collective mission!

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  • BBL Energy Inc.
  • Enviropod Canada
  • Green Line Paint
  • Regen Composites
  • Wentworth Platics North America
  • Corma Inc.
  • Harvest Ventures Inc. 
  • CyFrame International Enterprises 
  • Keurig 
  • Quantum Polymers 
  • Revital Polymers 
  • Rynz Innovative Tooling 
  • Les Plastiques Terra Nova 
  • Sturgeon Plastics Inc. 
  • Axipolymer Inc. is a Product Development Solutions Provider company serving the Polymer industry (Plastics, Rubbers, Composites). It provides a practical product development services for companies to launch innovative products more efficiently (time, quality, and cost) in the domain of downstream polymer processing industry including plastics, bioplastics, elastomers, composites and nanocomposites. Contact: Ata Zaad | Tel. 647.491-7979 E-mail: info [at]axipolymer.com
  • Polymateria, Inc. develops drop-in additives for plastic products and packaging that provide for time-controlled biodegradability while allowing conventional recycling within the product's useful life. Polymateria technology can be applied to a wide range of consumer plastic products and packaging, and is especially well suited to packaging that escapes collection systems – such as takeaway and food packaging. It can also be used to biodegrade agriculture and silviculture products such as mulch film, fleece and shelters.
    Contact: Lawrence Groo | E-mail: lg [at] polymateria.com 
  • Hawthorne Green Key Group Inc. provides an advanced non-burn waste conversion technology which converts a variety of waste feedstock's, including MSW and plastics, creating a rich methane product gas suitable for RNG or electric generation and solid bio char, while reducing carbon emissions and landfill requirements. The technology is solution for components of the circular economy and material recovery mandates.
    Contact: Brian Lisk, President | Tel: 905.699.2876 |E-mail: blisk [at] aol.com
  • ORTECH Consulting provides services that include independent testing, permitting, monitoring, analyzing and auditing services related to Air Quality compliance, Environmental oversight, GHG Emission management, and Energy Project risks. Our experience leads to the right answer, right away with our results/reports/reviews including a path forward. ORTECH has two mission statements.  First, a promise to deliver. Second, provide practical advice to remove compliance off your “to-do” list.  
    Contact: Michael Tingle | Tel: 905.822.4120 x 680 | E-mail: mtingle [at] ortech.ca
  • When you need an Open or Closed Loop Recirculating Chiller, CAG Cooling Solutions is there to help guide you through the process.  CAG can help you select and supply a PURESTREAM chiller to meet your short delivery window, in sizes of 0.4 Ton to 40 Ton.  Custom Chillers are available up to 180 tons. They are also pleased to offer Water Cooled Chillers, to get better control and lower temperature for finicky machinery, while utilizing existing Cooling Tower or Fluid Cooler Loops.  If COLD DRY AIR is what you require, they also stock Spot Coolers and Portable Air Conditioners from 1-5 ton.  CAG Cooling Solutions is a division of CAG Purification, which is a national distributor of Compressed Air Treatment and Pipe Distribution Systems.
    Contact: Justin McCarthy | Tel:  416.937.6403  | E-mail: justin [at] cagpurification.com
  • Target Recycling Services Inc. is committed to ensuring a clean environment for future generations by exceeding the mark in the recycling industry. Established in 1998 they are advocates for providing environmentally safe recycling while ensuring the highest level of security and service.  Located in Ajax, Ontario Target Recycling is ISO 14001:2015 Certified and provides recycling services for Fortune 500 companies and OEMs across Canada!
    Contact: President: Cory Silver Tel: 905.683.7256.
  • Bulk Handling Systems: NRT Optical Sorting - Setting the standard for speed, accuracy, and reliability in optical sorting. NRT is a recognized world leader in automated optical sorting of materials for recycling, holding more than 35 patents in the field with a talented staff of scientists, engineers, and technicians.  Whether you are targeting PET, HDPE, Mixed Plastics, or even metals and organics, our accurate and reliable optical sorters will help you lower labor costs and improve recovery.  Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) incorporates NRT’s optical sorting technology into our material processing systems, providing our customers with state-of-the-art, high-speed infrared detection and precise color sorting capabilities. These systems sort containers at industry leading efficiency and purity rates.   
    Contact: Randy Roy,: E: rroy [at] bhsequip.com
  • Climatisation Morrison Inc.Heat transfer application engineers.  Applied Engineered chilled water solutions.  Manufacturing facility environment planning specialists.
    Contact:  Mark Deangelis, P. Eng. E: mdeangelis [at] morrisonac.ca  Tel. 514.342.2835 x 7108
  • GreenMantra Recycling Technologies - GreenMantra is the world’s only producer of low-carbon synthetic wax, and has made plastic recycling highly profitable.  GreenMantra uses an advanced thermos-catalytic process to convert waste plastic to high value synthetic waxes. Synthetic waxes are a base ingredient used in broad number industrial products – paints, adhesives, roofing shingles, asphalt, plastic extruding and many others.
    Contact: Ryan L'Abbe,Vice President, Operations, Tel.519.512.2015 x113, Toll Free: 1.888.519.2015 E: ryan.labbe[at]greenmantra.com
  • Modern Machinery of Beaverton  has been in business for over 34 years and is a state of the art manufacturer of custom thermoforming machinery, equipment, and controls. Styles of Equipment include Cut-Sheet, Clamp Frames, Roll-Fed, Auxiliary Equip, and Modernize Kits.
    Contact: Corey Pohlman E: coreypohlman[at]modernmachineinc.com and Vince Hicks, Owners E: vhicks[at]modernamchineinc.com.
  • Plastics Solutions Canada Inc. - EcoSafe® Zero Waste provides local government compliant, easy to implement, turnkey Zero Waste Solutions that utilize best in class EcoSafe~6400® Compostable Bags along with other supporting products. Their innovative programs are designed to maximize participation while minimizing composter contamination.
    Contact: Geoff B. Woolley, President, E: info[at]ecosafezerowaste.com Tel. 604.560.5133
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