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  • Fultech Machinery Inc. Customized, industry specific solutions specialists.  Fultech Machinery Inc. is a full sales and service dealership for LIEN FA Plastic Injection Molding Machines manufactured in Taiwan and customized for North American production standards.  
    Fultech Machinery Inc. has 25 years of experience repairing and servicing all brands and makes of plastic injection molding machines, understanding a “downed” machine is loss of production and revenue.  In 2010, Fultech Machinery Inc. becomes North America (U.S & Canada) and Mexico dealer partnering with Lienfa Injection Molding Machines.  In 40 years, LIENFA Injection Molding has become a global supplier from India to Europe to Asia and now North America.  With significant demand and growth, Fultech Machinery is expanding a new partnership bringing deeper knowledge and support to customer focused solutions.  
    Contact: Steve Fowler – Owner OR Jason Lang – Owner for sales or service inquiries 519.993.1489
  • Pyrowave Inc.  Using patented microwave technology, Pyrowave will place small, modular units directly onsite at recycling facilities and at producers of plastic waste. Pyrowave’s technology will enhance the rate and the range of recyclable materials, reduce logistics costs and produce higher value end products from waste plastics – products such as wax, oil and styrene monomer. Pyrowave will have a significant positive benefit environmentally and economically.  Its technology will reduce waste landfilling, waste incineration and waste hauling via a net positive energy process.    
    Contact: Jocelyn Doucet, President Tel. 514.497.0341 
  • Polyflor Canada Inc.  Commercial flooring solutions that complement your design while providing exceptional performance  When it comes to designing a commercial space, it needs to be both appealing and practical. Polyflor Canada understands the demands on flooring in business and industrial facilities, and we design innovative flooring solutions to meet those needs. The flooring solutions that Polyflor Canada provides are as diverse as the workplaces that use them. Their knowledgeable team will help you find the right products for your commercial space, blending design and functionality. From healthcare and education, through industry and office spaces, we have the right floorcoverings for your needs.
    Contact: Nick Dron, President, Tel. 905.364.3000 e. nickdron [at] polyflor.ca

  • Micro Interface Design (MID) provides innovative equipment solutions for businesses in the plastic industries, including plastic manufacturing companies, plastic auxiliary machine producers and liquid color manufacturers.  Our team specializes in the design, research, development and production of advanced industrial controllers and data acquisitions, providing control and automation solutions for our clients. Contact: Mat Najibnia, Vice President Sales, Tel. 905.947.1114 e-mail: matn [at] microinterfacedesign.com.

  • Polystyvert Inc. is an environmental company that has developed an innovative method for recycling PS by dissolution with essential oils, directly at the client's site. Polystyvert has also developed a unique process for seperating the dissolved PS from the solvent, and producing high quality recycled PS pellets that can be used for many applications, thus mproving the product life cycle of PS. Founded in 2011 by Solenne Brouard Gaillot, Polystyvert offers a practical, economic and environmental solution by drastically reducing the transportation costs associated with PS, preventing this plastic from being buried in landfills, and diminishing GHG emissions.
    Contact: Solenne Brouard Gaillot, CEO & Founder,  Tel. 514.360.6977, e-mail sbrouard [at ] polystyvert.com

  • Wells Fargo Equipment Finance offers financing options and meaningful guidance on how to develop an equipment acquisition strategy that is best suited to manufacturing companies in Canada.  Deploying new equipment and technology in a Canadian manufacturing business can quickly improve productivity; create competitive advantage and jumpstart business growth. Our  industry specialists understand the Canadian business environment and equipment needs. We help companies (end users, equipment dealers, equipment manufacturers) finance all type of equipment to help them improve cash management, lower asset risk and gain flexibility with customized financing solutions. 
    Contact: Senior VP of Sales: Anthony Zambon or Territory Manager, Abid Kabani Tel:  416.774.2030 www.wellsfargo.ca.

  • BDO has over 90 years of experience providing value-added assurance, accounting, tax and advisory services to a broad range of clients across Canada. Their team of more than 3,000 partners and professionals have the industry knowledge and expertise to understand a variety of professional needs. As one of the leading accounting and advisory firms in Canada, they serve over 1,800 manufacturing and distribution clients nationwide. BDO combineS personalized, local advice and service with national resources and experience. As a member firm of the international BDO network, they also have access to advisors around the globe with over 1,300 offices in more than 150 countries.

    Contacts: Glen Horne, CPA, CA, Partner, BDO Canada LLP, Direct: 416.369.3054 e. ghorne [at] bdo.ca
    George Simpson CPA, CA, Partner, BDO Canada LLP, Direct: 905.946.5444 e. gsimpson[at]bdo.ca
  • AFEX is a trusted global payment and risk management solutions specialist with a heritage that dates back to 1979. They offer a comprehensive range of global payment and foreign exchange services, seamlessly operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in over 200 countries, trading more than $15bn in foreign exchange each year for more than 24,000 clients. They can handle every aspect of a clients foreign payment needs, from risk consultation to transaction execution. Their market experts and range of customizable products are unrivalled within the industry, helping them become one of the worlds largest non-bank payment and risk management solution providers in the world. Contact: Ryan Oxley, National Sales Manager t. 416-643-7380 e. ROxley [at] AFEX.COM
  • Clariant International Ltd. is a global chemical company headquartered in Switzerland. We have over 20,000 employees, and 100+ operating sites operating in 76 countries. Our business is divided into 7 business Units. The Masterbatch unit is the largest masterbatch company in the world. They manufacture color and additive masterbatches for the plastic processing market. They also manufacture custom compounds. In North America they have 11 sites including a large facility in Toronto. They sell both solid and liquid masterbatches. They pride themselves on their superior service and technology. They have 5 sales people in Canada to support the Canadian market. Their manufacturing plant in Toronto is world class and is having an open house on June 18th. Contact: Tyler Kilgannon t. 416.436.2772 e. tyler.kilgannon [at] clariant.com
  • Established in 2000 Post Plastics Inc. is a full service plastic recycling company committed to redirecting as much plastic from landfill as possible, by providing unparalleled recycling solutions. As leaders in the industry, their roster of global partners allows them to provide specifically tailored programs to suit their clients needs. Strategically located, just 40 minutes East of Downtown Toronto, their Ajax, Ontario facility has not only grown to accommodate almost every type of plastic, but also a more diverse group of clients encompassing a wider range of industries throughout Canada. Post Plastics Inc. prides itself on being known for producing high-quality regrind and resins at competitive prices.Recycling solutions for industry. Contact: Trudy Lutchman t. 866.308.1161 e. trudy [at] postplastics.com
  • Star Plastics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is a custom compounder of engineering grade thermoplastics, and have been in the plastics processing business since 2010. They specialize in Polycarbonate, ABS,PC/ABS, PC/PBT, PC/PMMA, PC/ABS/PMMA, PC/ASA, ABS/PMMA, ABS/PBT, PPO and have a materials solution for every customer. They work with the customer to examine the materials problem at the earliest possible stage in product development and supply not only compounds but also the supplementary knowledge and advice regarding the most efficient processing. STAR Plastics Shanghai has facilities in Shanghai China with a wide range of services and a proprietary product line capable of supporting a variety of industries. Contact: Mr. Frank Liu t. +86-13818780488 e: frank.liu [at] starplasticsssh.com
  • Royal Building Solutions - Founded in 1989 and now with 19 branches located throughout Canada, Royal Building Solutions has made a name for itself by being more than a faceless distributor of building materials. The company prides itself on building relationships with its customers, providing best-in-class service and the right building materials delivered at the right time. 

    Royal Building Solutions is part of the Exteriors division of Royal Building Products. Royal Building Products is one of North America’s leading manufacturers of high-quality, innovative exterior building materials including siding, decking, trim and mouldings, accessories, soffit and rain ware. 

    For more information, visit RoyalBuildingSolutions.com or RoyalBuildingProducts.com