CPIA Newsletters

Plastics Perspectives - Members Only

Internal communications vehicle to CPIA Members from CPIA President and CEO. Most issues require a member login and are noted as "Members Only", some issues are open and do not require a member login. Issues >

CPIA NewsBrief - Members & Public

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CPIA NewsBrief  is distributed to the inboxes of CPIA Members and other subscribers weekly and features current and compelling articles on plastics technology and innovations, sustainability, bioplastics, recycling, and more.  If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about how to feature your company in the CPIA NewsBrief, please contact us

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Member to Member - Members Only

Member to Member is CPIA'S exclusive, members only, information exchange e-newsletter and requires a member login to view.  Member to Member provides CPIA members with a unique opportunity to share important information with other CPIA Members four times per year. Issues >

Canadian Plastics Watch - Public

Canadian Plastics Watch is a quarterly e-newsletter designed to offer information and insights into how CPIA and the plastics industry are striving for and supporting social responsibility and sustainability. Issues >

CPIA Eye on Plastics Newsletter (formerly Image Bank) - Public

CPIA offers quarterly newsletter updates with essential information about markets and other topics that will help address the questions that cross your desk about recycling all types of plastic bottles and containers.  Issues >

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Plastics In Class - Teachers (on hiatus)

Plastics in-Class (PIC) is a quarterly e-newsletter distributed to the Canadian educational community. It is designed to inform educators about the science behind plastics and the different roles that plastics play in societies all over the globe – from helping to purify drinking water in third-world countries to saving energy and greenhouse gas emissions through the use of plastic insulation  in the residential and commercial construction markets. Issues >