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May 2017


CPIA Welcomes New Members!

Please join us in welcoming the following new members to CPIA:

  • Bulk Handling Systems: NRT Optical Sorting - Setting the standard for speed, accuracy, and reliability in optical sorting. NRT is a recognized world leader in automated optical sorting of materials for recycling, holding more than 35 patents in the field with a talented staff of scientists, engineers, and technicians.  Whether you are targeting PET, HDPE, Mixed Plastics, or even metals and organics, our accurate and reliable optical sorters will help you lower labor costs and improve recovery.  Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) incorporates NRT’s optical sorting technology into our material processing systems, providing our customers with state-of-the-art, high-speed infrared detection and precise color sorting capabilities. These systems sort containers at industry leading efficiency and purity rates.   
    Contact: Randy Roy,: E: rroy [at]
  • Climatisation Morrison Inc.: Heat transfer application engineers.  Applied Engineered chilled water solutions.  Manufacturing facility environment planning specialists.
    Contact:  Mark Deangelis, P. Eng. E: mdeangelis [at]  Tel. 514.342.2835 x 7108
  • GreenMantra Recycling Technologies - GreenMantra is the world’s only producer of low-carbon synthetic wax, and has made plastic recycling highly profitable.  GreenMantra uses an advanced thermos-catalytic process to convert waste plastic to high value synthetic waxes. Synthetic waxes are a base ingredient used in broad number industrial products – paints, adhesives, roofing shingles, asphalt, plastic extruding and many others.
    Contact: Ryan L'Abbe,Vice President, Operations, Tel.519.512.2015 x113, Toll Free: 1.888.519.2015 E: ryan.labbe[at]
  • Modern Machinery of Beaverton  has been in business for over 34 years and is a state of the art manufacturer of custom thermoforming machinery, equipment, and controls. Styles of Equipment include Cut-Sheet, Clamp Frames, Roll-Fed, Auxiliary Equip, and Modernize Kits.
    Contact: Corey Pohlman E: coreypohlman[at] and Vince Hicks, Owners E: vhicks[at]
  • Plastics Solutions Canada Inc. - EcoSafe® Zero Waste provides local government compliant, easy to implement, turnkey Zero Waste Solutions that utilize best in class EcoSafe~6400® Compostable Bags along with other supporting products. Their innovative programs are designed to maximize participation while minimizing composter contamination.
    Contact: Geoff B. Woolley, President, E: info[at] Tel. 604.560.5133

CPIA Annual General Meeting of Members June 15, 2017

All CPIA voting and non-voting members are cordially invited to attend this no charge event but we ask that you register in advance to reserve your spot.

Voting members who cannot attend the meeting are asked to complete & return the proxy form to CPIA by e-mail or fax no later than Friday, June 9, 2017 at 5:00 pm Eastern.

Please join us for CPIA’s Annual Golf Tournament following the AGM - separate registration  is required).

Golf TournamentCPIA Annual Plastics Industry Golf Tournament June 15, 2017

Join CPIA and your industry colleagues for this exciting annual plastics industry event including golf, breakfast, lunch, dinner, contests and networking with industry colleagues! 

Lionhead Golf & Country Club, Legends Course
8525 Mississauga Rd., Brampton, ON  L6Y 0C1
Tel. 905.455.8400

9:00 - 10:20 am - Registration & Breakfast
10:30 am - Golf Shot Gun Start 
Midday - Lunch 
3:30 - Reception & Networking
5:00 pm - BBQ Dinner Buffet, Presentations, Prizes

CPIA Member: $280 + $36.40 HST = $316.40
Non-Member: $380 + $49.40 HST = $429.40

Dinner Only:
CPIA Member: $75 + $ 9.75 HST = $ 84.75
Non-Member: $100 + $13.00 HST = $113.00



Canada’s Plastic Packaging Recycling Rate Continues To Rise

CPIA recently released a new study: “2015 Post-Consumer Plastics Recycling in Canada” informing Canadians that their recycling efforts continue to increase the amount of post-consumer plastic packaging being recycled across Canada.

This is the 7th year the CPIA has conducted this study. In 2015 the numbers show Canada’s recycling systems and plastics industry realized an additional 0.4% of plastic recycled in 2015 compared to 2014 as reported by Moore Recycling Associates. This increase is the result of more plastic products and packaging collected, specifically HDPE (#2) bottles for recycling. In total, at least 322 million kilograms of post-consumer plastic packaging were collected in Canada for recycling. News Release >

Great Turnout at CPIA's Breakfast with the Board of Directors in British Columbia

CPIA held a very successful and sold-out breakfast meeting for members and guests with the CPIA Board of Directors on April 6, 2017.

Merlin Plastics graciously hosted the event and provided an exciting tour of their facility!

The meeting featured engaging guest speakers including Terry Elliott, CPIA Chair; Allen Langdon, Managing Director and Lyndsey Chauhan, Director of Marketing & Communications, Recycle BC (formerly MMBC), Craig Foster, CPIA Consultant; and Carol Hochu, CPIA President & CEO.

CPIA Proud Supporter of Eliminating Ocean Plastics

Protecting water sources and preventing any harm from plastic materials is a priority for CPIA. Canadians we enjoy access to clean water in lakes, rivers, ponds and oceans. This is a privilege. Clean water forms the basis of safe and prosperous communities and it is an increasingly scarce resource in several communities and countries around the world. News Release >

 Call For Plant Tour Hosts!

By popular request, CPIA will be organizing more plant tours for CPIA members in 2017.  

Plant tours are an excellent way to highlight your facility, share best practices with others in the industry and potentially build networking opportunities.  

If you are interested in discussing details further and hosting a plant tour please contact Carol Hochu, CPIA President and CEO at 905.678.7748 ext. 229 or email

MRF of the Future Will Include Flexible Plastic Packaging

Flexible plastic packaging is turning heads in our industry. Highly efficient and offering good product protection, it also has a low environmental impact. For these reasons, it’s been gaining traction as a package of choice and we’re seeing a growth of flexible packaging on store shelves. The shortcoming, however, is that while it provides a range of benefits, end-of-life management has been challenging.

That’s about to change and CPIA will be part of developing solutions that will improve sustainability materials management for this versatile plastic packaging product.

This month, CPIA joined Material Recovery for the Future (MRFF), a collaborative group initiated by the American Chemistry Council comprising U.S. and Canadian leading brands, manufacturers, material and equipment suppliers, retailers, recyclers and packaging industry organizations.

Flexible plastic packaging includes re-sealable food bags, pouches, pet food bags, snack bags, retail bags and laminates.

MRFF is already gaining momentum on the path toward its goal of improving end-of-life management for flexible packaging. Last fall, it announced the findings of a research program which showed that automated sorting technology currently in use in material recovery facilities (MRF) can be optimized to capture flexible plastic packaging.

In the research report, Flexible Packaging Sortation at Materials Recovery Facilities, produced by the U.S.-based Resource Recycling Systems (RRS), the conclusion was that with adequate screening and optical sorting capacity, flexible plastic packaging can be captured efficiently in a single-stream MRF. That’s an important finding at the practical research stage, which included baseline testing, equipment testing and a series of MRF trials.

MRFF recently announced that the next step in the process is to launch a comprehensive pilot with a U.S. MRF and its community partners to test and assess the curbside collection and processing of flexible plastic packaging.

“With this pilot, we aim to demonstrate the potential to capture flexible film packaging and use the material as a feedstock for manufacturing while improving the quality of other recycling streams processed at MRFs,” said Stephen Sikra, section head, Global Research and Development, The Procter and Gamble Company.

CPIA is committed to working with all components of the plastic packaging recovery value chain to increase the recovery of all types of plastic packaging. Under the direction of our Vice President of Sustainability, Joe Hruska, CPIA establishes partnerships with local governments, municipalities, recycling organization and industry to improve sustainable materials management and to create opportunities under circular economy principles.

MRFF project members include Amcor, The Dow Chemical Company, LyondellBasell Industries, Nestlé Purina PetCare and Nestlé USA, PepsiCo, Plum Organics, Procter & Gamble, SC Johnson, Sealed Air, and Target as well as the Association of Plastics Recyclers, Flexible Packaging Association, The Plastics Industry Association, the American Chemistry Council and now CPIA.

Joe Hruska, CPIA
Office 905.678.7748 ext. 234 Cell 416.930.1796

PlasticuriousCPIA Plasticurious Video Contest Encourages Canadian Teens to Explore Plastics in Their Lives

Canadians are exposed to thousands of messages every day and sometimes those messages involve news about plastics. With a new public-facing initiative launched during Earth Week in April called Plasticurious, CPIA is aiming to “change the channel” on the news and focus conversation on the incredible role plastics play in our every day quality of life.

Plasticurious is a video contest for Canadian teens 14 to 18 years of age. It is being undertaken as a pilot in 2017. Promoted largely through social media channels, it reaches out to teens where they live…in their shared media channels like Instagram on their mobile devices. The contest offers a range of prize categories that will recognize thought-provoking content and skills in two age groups, 14 and 15 year olds and 16 to 18 year olds.

Part of the strategic approach to the video contest prizing structure will encourage sharing of videos that have been accepted into the contest. Through the network-sharing mechanisms built into the contest, it is expected that hundreds of thousands of Canadians across the country will see and potentially vote for favourites.

The contest asks teens to consider plastics beyond the beverage bottle they pull out of the fridge and to look instead at other life activities like the sports they like to play, keeping leftovers from their favourite meal, the tablets and mobile phone they use everyday, the cars they ride in and even the medical equipment and aids their parents or grandparents use. The Plasticurious website points out: “Plastic is part of what we wear. We walk, sit, stand and even read on it. It’s used to explore the ocean depths and soar into space. And it’s used simply to carry drinking water to a distant village. We’re challenging teens to tell us their stories and their ideas about how plastics fit into our world.”

Also on the Plasticurious website along with the sign-up details are tips on how to make a video and videos that illustrate how plastics are inspiring incredible new ideas like plastic roads made from recovered plastic containers and prosthetics that offer amputees a sense of touch. One of the most important challenges facing young people today is how to manage responsibly the flow of plastic packaging so this resource does not enter the environment. That’s why one of the videos on the website is about a 17-year-old Netherlands boy who has invented a system for collecting plastic from our oceans.

CPIA is reaching out to a broad cross-section of Canadians like teachers and summer camp organizers to spread the word about Plasticurious and we ask that CPIA members play a role to help with the outreach by connecting with their circle of friends and organizations. Please like and follow Plasticurious on your corporate and even personal Facebook and other social media channels. And if you have or know teens in the age group, encourage them to sign up to make and submit videos. Below are links:

CPIA & Industry Events >