September 2017


CPIA Welcomes New Members!

Please join us in welcoming the following new members to CPIA:

  • Polymateria, Inc. develops drop-in additives for plastic products and packaging that provide for time-controlled biodegradability while allowing conventional recycling within the product's useful life. Polymateria technology can be applied to a wide range of consumer plastic products and packaging, and is especially well suited to packaging that escapes collection systems – such as takeaway and food packaging. It can also be used to biodegrade agriculture and silviculture products such as mulch film, fleece and shelters.
    Contact: Lawrence Groo | E-mail: lg [at] 
  • Hawthorne Green Key Group Inc. provides an advanced non-burn waste conversion technology which converts a variety of waste feedstock's, including MSW and plastics, creating a rich methane product gas suitable for RNG or electric generation and solid bio char, while reducing carbon emissions and landfill requirements. The technology is solution for components of the circular economy and material recovery mandates.
    Contact: Brian Lisk, President | Tel: 905.699.2876 |E-mail: blisk [at]
  • ORTECH Consulting provides services that include independent testing, permitting, monitoring, analyzing and auditing services related to Air Quality compliance, Environmental oversight, GHG Emission management, and Energy Project risks. Our experience leads to the right answer, right away with our results/reports/reviews including a path forward. ORTECH has two mission statements.  First, a promise to deliver. Second, provide practical advice to remove compliance off your “to-do” list.  
    Contact: Michael Tingle | Tel: 905.822.4120 x 680 | E-mail: mtingle [at]
  • When you need an Open or Closed Loop Recirculating Chiller, CAG Cooling Solutions is there to help guide you through the process.  CAG can help you select and supply a PURESTREAM chiller to meet your short delivery window, in sizes of 0.4 Ton to 40 Ton.  Custom Chillers are available up to 180 tons. They are also pleased to offer Water Cooled Chillers, to get better control and lower temperature for finicky machinery, while utilizing existing Cooling Tower or Fluid Cooler Loops.  If COLD DRY AIR is what you require, they also stock Spot Coolers and Portable Air Conditioners from 1-5 ton.  CAG Cooling Solutions is a division of CAG Purification, which is a national distributor of Compressed Air Treatment and Pipe Distribution Systems.
    Contact: Justin McCarthy | Tel:  416.937.6403  | E-mail: justin [at]
  • Target Recycling Services Inc. is committed to ensuring a clean environment for future generations by exceeding the mark in the recycling industry. Established in 1998 they are advocates for providing environmentally safe recycling while ensuring the highest level of security and service.  Located in Ajax, Ontario Target Recycling is ISO 14001:2015 Certified and provides recycling services for Fortune 500 companies and OEMs across Canada!
    Contact: President: Cory Silver Tel: 905.683.7256.

CPIA 2017 Plastics Industry Leadership Award Winners Announced

On Sept.19, 2017 CPIA recognized outstanding individuals and businesses for their commitment and dedication to the growth and sustainability of the Canadian plastics industry at its annual Plastics Industry Leadership Awards Dinner.

The well-attended gala event was held at Paramount Eventspace, where attendees from all sectors of the plastics industry enjoyed a cocktail reception, networking with their colleagues, entertaining guest speaker Allen Langdon of Recycle BC, a delicious 3-course meal prepared by Peter & Paul's as well as the exciting awards ceremony.

We were delighted to celebrate fifteen individuals and companies who have demonstrated leadership and excellence, contributing immensely to the plastics industry in the areas of innovation, sustainability and more.


Terry Elliott, President of Scepter Manufacturing, a Myers Industries Company.

Jocelyn Doucet, Pyrowave
Amalia Gil, GreenMantra Technologies

The DOW Chemical Company
Allen Langdon, Recycle BC
GreenMantra Technologies

Robert Clare, NOVA Chemicals
Alexei Kazakov, NOVA Chemicals
Perry Rizzo, Smart Attend

Gerry Maldoff, Hymopack Ltd.

Tim Bean, Imperial Oil Ltd.
Denis Cloutier, Poly Expert
Roy G. Ferguson, Chantler Packages Inc.
John Pelliccione, Gracious Living Corporation
Dwarka Paul Persaud, Norwich Plastics

Congratulations to all the winners!

Thank you to our sponsors:

Platinum: NOVA Chemicals

Silver: DOW |Scepter |Wells Fargo

Bronze: Imperial | Nova Tool and Mold Inc.

Click here for news release and full details >

Update on CPIA Activities 

By Carol Hochu, President and CEO

New CPIA Board of Directors’ Elected at June 15 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Members

Back Row (L to R): Rob Miller, Terry Elliott, Hugues Rouleau,
Paul Palazzo (Chair, CPIA Sustainability Committee), Sean Dennis, Gilles Lacoste, Michael Green
Front Row (L to R): Kevin McTavish, Mark Badger, Carol Hochu, Sarah Marshall, Solenne Brouard, Joel Rudolph, Jon Pyper,
Missing:  Mark Lichtblau, Leo Mayette, Tony Moucachen, Tyler Kilgannon

Congratulations to the 2017/2018 CPIA Board of Directors elected at the June 15 AGM including:

Chair: Sarah Marshall, NOVA Chemicals Corporation
Vice-Chair: Rob Miller, Wittmann Canada
Treasurer: Mark Lichtblau, Inteplast Bag & Film Corporation, Haremar Plastics Manufacturing Division
Immediate Past Chair: Terry Elliott, Scepter Canada
President & CEO: Carol Hochu, CPIA (ex-officio)

Gilles Lacoste, Imperial Oil Limited
Hugues Rouleau, IPL Inc.
Joel Rudolph, Farnell Packaging
Jon Pyper, The Dow Chemical Company
Kevin McTavish, Drader Manufacturing
Leo Mayette, Cascades Flexible Packaging
Mark Badger, Urban Polymers
Michael Green, CKF
Sean Dennis, Trademark Plastics
Solenne Brouard, Polystyvert
Tony Moucachen, Merlin Plastics/Van Waste Co.
Tyler Kilgannon, Clariant Inc.

Special thanks to the outgoing Board members of Tim Bean, recently retired from Imperial Oil Limited, and Laurie Borg of Nexcycle, and a very warm welcome to the new Directors of Gilles Lacoste, Imperial Oil Limited; Solenne Gaillot of Polystyvert; Joel Rudolph of Farnell Packaging and Michael Green of CKF.

Sarah Marshall of NOVA Chemicals was elected as Chair, and Rob Miller of Wittmann Canada was elected as Vice Chair of the CPIA Board.

North American Plastics Industry Stands Together in Support of NAFTA Modernization

Following a successful summit in Mexico City, representatives from PLASTICS Industry Association, CPIA and ANIPAC (the Mexican national plastics association) announced their list of priorities for plastics in ongoing NAFTA re-negotiations. Click here for news release >

In addition, CPIA as a member of the Canadian Manufacturing Coalition was one of several CMC signatories to a letter sent to the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, stating a number of asks for the NAFTA re-negotiations.   

Canadian Plastics Pioneers Launches Book Chronicling the Industry from 1950 to 2000

 Following on the heels of Canadian Inventors and Innovators 1885 to 1950:  Pioneering in Plastics by Donald W. Emmerson, is the next volume by Kara Kuryllowicz called Canadian Plastics Pioneers 1950 – 2000 which takes readers through the experimental 1950s, the steady growth of the ‘60s and the heyday of the ‘70s to the rise of new competition and image concerns in the ‘80s and ‘90s.  Copies are $45 each and can be ordered by contacting Ralph Zarboni (rzarboni [at]  

Cross-Canada Checkup Regarding Plastic Bag De-Selection Attempts

Montreal, QC:  The City of Montreal has approved a lightweight plastic shopping bag ban commencing in April 2018.  CPIA’s plastic bag task force has taken RECYC-Quebec to task for refusing to release the results of the Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) until December, and has been aggressively reaching out to government and the media to get the LCA findings released.  CPIA continues to reach out to many communities asking them to hold off from approving any bag ban regulation until the LCA results become available.

Victoria, BC: The City of Victoria is currently consulting stakeholders on options to reduce single-use plastic bag use including stakeholder workshops for business, industry, advocate and resident groups to share their unique perspectives related to future bag reduction regulations. 

Vancouver, BC:  The City of Vancouver council has directed staff to report back with the results of Single Use Item Strategy stakeholder and public consultation.  Specifically, the consultation will focus on plastic and paper shopping bags, and disposable cups and takeout food containers. 

For further information, contact:

Carol Hochu 
President and CEO
e. chochu [at]
t. 905.678.7748 ext. 229 

Update on CPIA Sustainability Activities

By Joe Hruska, VP Sustainability

CPIA Sponsors & Presents Its Views on Sustainability at Recycling Council of British Columbia

June 22, 2017 (Whistler B.C.) - CPIA’s V.P. of Sustainability, Joe Hruska presented “Driving Improvements in Plastic Packaging’s Environmental Performance Through The Circular Economy & Sustainable Material Management” to this well-attended conference of 300 industry professionals from the government, non-profit, and business sectors. The main objective of the presentation was to propose the Circular Economy (CE) could be made more effective through a complimentary lifecycle approach found in the Sustainable Materials Management (SSM) framework. The CPIA presentation can be found on the CPIA Sustainability Resources and Speeches & Presentations webpages .

CPIA Sponsors the Association of Municipalities of Ontario Insight Breakfast Session

August 16, 2017 (Ottawa, ON) – The annual AMO Conference, held in August each year, is Ontario’s foremost educational forum for municipal governments. CPIA’s V.P. Sustainability Joe Hruska and Barbara McConnell, President of McConnell Weaver Strategic Communication presented to a full capacity room of Ontario municipal politicians on how CPIA is Driving Plastics Environmental Performance. The most challenging priority for the plastics industry is achieving greater sustainability through a comprehensive approach to lifecycle management. This is particularly true for plastic packaging. CPIA provided an overview of sustainable materials management and circular economy, plastics recycling, innovative projects and how its signature Image Bank, an online education resource, is used by municipalities to enhance communications with residents. The CPIA presentation can be found on the CPIA Sustainability Resources and Speeches & Presentations.

CPIA Signs Letter of Support for University of Guelph application to Ontario Research Fund to study “Sustainable Packaging Solutions to Advance Ontario Towards a Circular Economy (CE)”

Professor Manjusri Misra, PhD at the U. of Guelph School of Engineering is submitting the “Proposal Brief:  “Circular Economy is the Root of New Plastics Economy”, which aims to phase out landfilling and greenhouse gas emissions from packaging products through Disruptive Technologies. The key concept is to increase the circularity of packaging materials by integrating recycled, renewable-based and waste stream feedstocks in plastics manufacturing in order to deliver economic, environment and employment benefits.” CPIA will be participating in providing plastic industry leadership on information and its expertise in life cycle and Sustainable Material Management approaches which is critical to managing all plastics and packaging in a sustainable manner environmentally and economically. This research will inform public policy on CE and its execution.

Divert Nova Scotia Plans Launch of Province-Wide Waste Composition Study

Divert Nova Scotia ( with funding from a number of contributors including CPIA, will be conducting province –wide waste composition studies to understand material flows and determine priorities for waste diversion. CPIA as part of its funding has provided input into the types and classes of plastics to be audited.  The province is looking at diversion priorities that include flexible plastics and films. The contractor has been chosen and the audits are planned to begin in September 2017. CPIA’s V.P. Sustainability Joe Hruska is a member of the Divert Nova Scotia Audit Project Steering Committee and the CPIA Sustainability Team has had input into the process and information needs required by the plastics industry.

China's Announcement to Various Grades of Recovered Paper and Plastics ( )

(August 15, 2017) CPIA is in the process of exploring and documenting market options that may be available on an ad hoc basis to move hard-to-market loads. Similarly, we are collaborating with partner organizations such as the American Chemistry Council, Association of Plastic Recyclers and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries in the U.S. to discuss how to build options to Chinese markets. CPIA is also in discussion with Canadian Trade officials and attempting to acquire more details around China’s announcement, which currently is not clear about the types, grades, and quality of plastics that might be affected. We are developing a confidential on-line tool for recyclers where information about plastic loads having no export market or are rejected by China can be reported. The value of these metrics will be to assist in finding markets if possible and to quantify the potential tonnage in different types of plastics that could potentially inform investment in new capacity. CPIA will continue to track developments in China’s intentions and will keep Canadian recycling collectors and processors advised through this dedicated e-blast information network. Please share this communique with others you think will want access to this information. 

CPIA PS Foam Converters Address Market Development

CPIA and PS Foam Packaging converters are addressing challenging market issues with municipal curbside and depot collected foam food and cushion packaging that saw a reduction in markets for this recyclable packaging. The CPIA has formed the North American Foam Polystyrene Consortium. At present, the ‘consortium’ consists of a working group coordinated by the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA), with Joe Hruska, V-P Sustainability as the primary CPIA contact. David Thomson, former president and chair of the Canadian Polystyrene Recycling Association (CPRA) and frequent consultant to CPIA is leading the working group’s activities. Since its initial meeting in May the group has been addressing the following priorities:

  1. Finding a short-term solution to the build-up of curbside collected PS foam that was occurring in several Ontario municipalities as result of the collapse of off-shore markets and the loss of smaller local outlets. The loss of viable markets threatens the continuation of curbside collection of PS in several major communities. As of this date the group, with particular assistance from consortium members, has been able to market the stockpiled material and relieve immediate inventory pressures
  2. Investigating and assessing the long-term viability of ‘alternative’ processes; e.g. catalytic depolymerization, pyrolysis, microwave pyrolysis, chemical dissolution
  3. Creating an action plan and define the resources required to develop, or support the development of, sustainable North American markets for post-use polystyrene materials

The consortium has recently expanded and will coordinate its North American markets development and activities with the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and Foodservice Packaging Institute (FPI). The consortium is also reaching out to resin producers and other key foam industry players to join the consortium to develop stable markets for recycled PS Foam packaging and products. If you are in the foam converting or resin business we invite you to join this initiative - please contact us .

CPIA Participates and Submits Comments to City of Toronto Coffee Pod Consultations

CPIA’s V.P. Sustainability attended the consultations that were attended by retailers, coffee brand owners, compostable and recycling processors, academics and other stakeholders. The City of Toronto focused on the compostable coffee pods and their management in Toronto’s anaerobic digester systems.  The recyclable pods were not the focus as the new Ontario provincial legislation making brand owners responsible for recycling will address these pods.  CPIA submitted its comments to the City and one outcome which is still to be decided is testing of the compostable pods and their performance in Toronto’s digester systems.

CPIA Comments on Ontario’s Discussion Paper: Addressing Food and Organic Waste in Ontario

This consultation due July 31, 2017 received comments from CPIA on the value of plastics packaging in the following areas:

CPIA has an interest in the Food and Organic Waste Framework in a number of areas:

1.    CPIA’s membership includes manufacturers of certified compostable resins and plastics products.  We are also members of the Compost Council of Canada and are active on the Certified Compostable Committee of CCC.

2.    Certified compostable bags play a key role in supporting greater diversion of Source Separated Organics(SSO) in Green Bin Programs and in packaging where food waste (e.g. in food courts) can inhibit conventional plastics recycling, certified compostable packaging can be utilized and composted.

3.    Plastic food packaging plays an instrumental role in reducing overall food waste and its currently significant carbon footprint by prolonging the shelf life of products and its protection.

If you have any question on any of these initiatives please contact:

Joe P. Hruska
VP Sustainability
t. 905.678.7748 ext. 234
e: jhruska [at]

CPIA Launches Career Portal 

By Darlene Gray, Marketing Communications Specialist

CPIA is pleased to offer a new Career Portal on our website where members can post plastics industry related jobs. In addition to the website which sees over 4,000+ visitors per month, the job posts will also be featured in our weekly NewsBrief newsletter going out to over 1,000 subscribers weekly. 

Our new portal offers competitive pricing and allows you to post jobs targeted to the plastic industry at a fraction of the price of other career sites.

For rates, questions or to post a job contact:

Darlene Gray
e: dgray [at] 
t: 905.678.7748 ext. 239

 CPIA Hosts Another Successful Plastics Industry Golf Tournament 

By Darlene Gray, Marketing Communications Specialist

CPIA members and guests enjoyed another terrific CPIA Annual Plastics Industry Golf Tournament on June 15, 2017 at the beautiful Lionhead Golf & Country Club, Brampton, ON.

A great time was had by all and guests enjoyed a hot breakfast, lunch, a full day of golf, cocktail reception, delicious full buffet dinner, raffle prizes & networking!  A portion of the proceeds raised was once again donated to the War Amps.

Congratulations to the following tournament winners:    

Best Foursome: Luigi Ciciretto, Whitner Kennedy & Winston Lewis

Men's Closest to the Pin:  Mark Dunlevy

Men's Closest to Pin: Larry Culver

Ladies Longest Drive: Donna Michaud

Thank you to our sponsors:




CPIA Responds to China's Announcement to Various Grades of Recovered Paper and Plastics

By Joe Hruska, VP Sustainability

China’s recent announcement that it intends to block some grades of recovered paper and plastic materials as scrap resources at the end of 2017 is causing wide-spread interest in the North American recycling industry.

Reports such as China says it will ban certain recovered material imports (Resource Recovery, posted July 19, 2017) suggest that China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection is targeting imported materials of poor quality that contain “dirty wastes or even hazardous materials”. The report also indicated the Environment Ministry is cracking down on recycling and scrap processing operations in China by revoking licenses where environmental infractions are occurring.

Since China is an end market destination for some Canadian mixed plastics, polyethylene, and polystyrene, this ban potentially may affect markets for some recovered plastics materials in the coming months. A 2015 Moore Recycling Associates Study on Post-Consumer Plastics Recycling in Canada commissioned by CPIA found 17% – 21% of plastics are exported overseas with China being a destination for these plastics.

CPIA’s Actions
CPIA is already in the process of exploring and documenting market options that may be available on an ad hoc basis to move hard-to-market loads. Similarly, we are collaborating with partner organizations such as the American Chemistry Council, Association of Plastic Recyclers and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries in the U.S. to discuss how to build options to Chinese markets. CPIA is also in discussion with Canadian Trade officials and attempting to acquire more details around China’s announcement, which currently is not clear about the types, grades, and quality of plastics that might be affected.

Long-Term Opportunities
China’s announced intention to prohibit various grades of recovered materials may create some end-market issues for Canadian collectors & recyclers in the short-term. However, CPIA and others in the resource recovery industries believe the move may also present opportunities to strengthen existing markets and create new ones in North America that will benefit Canadian and North American recycling in the long-term. CPIA will initiate discussions with like-minded organizations to examine options.

CPIA’s Recommendations
It goes without saying that export markets for quality plastic loads that meet and exceed expectations should continue to find markets. That’s job one.
Continue to ship to accessible export market destinations, as usual, and begin developing domestic supply agreements. However, if issues are encountered, advise CPIA. We will be creating a confidential online tool where information about plastic loads having no export market or are rejected by China can be reported.

Watch for More Information
CPIA will continue to track developments in China’s intentions and will keep Canadian recycling collectors and processors advised through this dedicated e-blast information network. Please share this communique with others you think will want access to this information

For more information contact:

Joe P. Hruska, VP Sustainability
t. 905.678.7748 ext. 234
e: jhruska[at]

CPIA Weekly NewsBrief Advertising

By Darlene Gray, Marketing Communications Specialist

As of June 1, 2017, CPIA's new & improved weekly NewsBrief Newsletter, is fully managed by CPIA. The revitalized NewsBrief still offers great advertising opportunities for your company at new lower prices!

Click here for media kit.

For questions or to place an ad:

Darlene Gray
e: dgray [at] 
t: 905.678.7748 ext. 239

PlasticuriousShare the Plasticurious Message and Contest With Your Employees, Their Families and Industry Colleagues - Deadline extended to Oct. 22, 2017!

By Joe Hruska, VP Sustainability

Almost daily, stories about advancements in plastics innovation cross our desk, either in traditional media or online. These stories represent valuable opportunities to showcase to the public how central plastics have become in our lives and the contribution they make to social, economic and environmental ambitions. 

CPIA has a variety of programs that share many of these stories with our various audiences. Our newsletters and social media are just two of the tools we regularly use. 

We are proud to announce that this year, during Earth Week in April, we launched a new pilot program, “Plasticurious” that reaches out to speak directly to young people about plastics in their lives. 

Plasticurious is a video contest for teens 14 to 18 years of age that runs through to Oct. 22, 2017. Through this video contest, we are inviting Canadian teens to tell us what plastics mean to them. The contest is open broadly, including to CPIA members’ families, except where prohibited by law (e.g., Quebec). 

As a CPIA member, this program belongs to you. Who better to understand and be able to talk about how plastics fit into our lives than the teens who are part of your life. 

We would like to invite you to share the Plasticurious information sheet with your employees and their families, as well as with your industry colleagues and friends. 

If possible please post it on your website and share it through social media channels. And, if it is appropriate, we would like you to encourage the teens in your life to submit entries. Lots of prizes will be awarded for winning entries. 

For more information, go to If you would like to join the conversation about plastics, please follow Plasticurious on Facebook and Instagram. 

For more information contact:

Joe P. Hruska, VP Sustainability 
t. 905.678.7748 ext. 234
e: jhruska [at]

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