Most Canadians view plastics, and also plastics makers, as innovative.and most Canadians agree that plastics have made our lives better. And unlike some opinions about plastics, this belief is anchored in reality – plastics truly have been at the forefront of many modern advances.
Companies are constantly working together to underscore how plastics have contributed to sustainability by enabling us to do more with less. From more fuel-efficient cars to minimalist packaging to energy saving building products, innovations in plastics have helped us do more in
our lives with less impact on the environment.
By enabling advances in global sustainability, modern plastics profoundly improved our ability to create a better life while caring for the future. So that’s what plastics have done.
Every day there are exciting developments in materials technology, engineering, and chemistry that are making life easier, safer and more sustainable. Think: lighter weight aircraft. Stronger and safer automobiles. Composite wind turbine blades. “Active” packaging to reduce food waste. Even “unapologetically plastic” smart phones.

Perhaps now more than ever, innovations in plastics are allowing us to do things that very recently were unimaginable. So plastics (and their makers) will continue to contribute to new, cutting edge innovations in health/safety/medical equipment, aeronautics, 3-D printing, sustainability and more.

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