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Martie Duncan's Tips for Creating an Outdoor Oasis from Plastics Make it Possible on Vimeo.

Martie Duncan's Expert Tips on Smart Summer Travel with Plastics from Plastics Make it Possible on Vimeo.


CasaBubble-Dwell On Design 2012 - Oct 15, 2012 - When Plastics Make it Possible® traveled to Los Angeles to attend Dwell on Design, we saw a wide variety of innovative plastic products for the modern home. One of the most unique was CasaBubble, an inflatable, portable structure made with recyclable plastics.

Plastics in Safety Gear at Outdoor Retailer - Sept. 28, 2012- When Plastics Make it Possible® traveled to Salt Lake City for the 2012 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, we saw lots of cutting-edge safety equipment for a variety of outdoor sports. But one thing much of this protective gear had in common was the innovative use of plastics to improve performance and durability.

Plastics Used in Energy Efficient Homes - May, 2012

Plastics in Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Trends from Plastics Make it Possible on Vimeo.

Plastics in Spring/Summer Fashion Trends - Apr 5, 2011 - Fashion stylist George Kotsiopoulos knows a fashion trend when he sees it! Watch this video to learn from the expert how plastic plays an innovative role in today’s hottest trends.

Plastics Help Roxy Go From The Beach To The Street - Aug 18, 2010 - Roxy’s Iris Yen explains how plastic-based materials, like plastic neoprene, are used in the company’s of-the-moment looks. Check out this video for a peek at dresses from Roxy’s “Beach to Street” collection that easily transition from a day at the beach to an evening on the town.

KitchenAid® Talks Plastics - Jul 20, 2010 - Head Designer of KitchenAid® tells Sissy Biggers why plastics are so important in the company’s products.

Fall2011-Sport2 from Oh, Rio! Productions on Vimeo.

Celebrity stylist George Kotsiopoulos knows how to make you look fabulous for any activity! Check out the first video in our fall video trio to learn how plastics help keep you chic and in style, even when you sweat.

From outdoor furniture made with recycled plastic milk jugs to elegant, reusable plastic stemware, watch here to see how Plastics Make it Possible®’s entertaining and food expert, Sissy Biggers, makes outdoor parties “greener” and more glamorous!

Lifestyle expert, Sissy Biggers, demonstrates how new plastic innovations makes preparing food easier than ever!

Successful Outdoor Parties: The Right Grilling Tools from Plastics Make it Possible on Vimeo.

With summer at its peak, there’s no better time to be grilling and entertaining outdoors. Don’t get burned using the wrong grilling tools – be prepared. Outdoor grilling essentials include silicone plastic basting brushes for applying marinades and sauces, heat-resistant silicone grilling mitts to protect hands and arms from heat and flames, and shatter-resistant plastic containers with lids for sauces, marinades and dips.

When it comes to serving the deliciously grilled food, consider lightweight plastic trays and platters that come in all sorts of creative designs and make it easier to transport food to and from the grill. And if you accidentally drop a plastic tray, you won’t have to deal with glass or ceramic shards and splinters. Plastic utensils and trays are also lighter weight than glass or ceramic, making them easy to move with the party and refill with new treats when needed. 

Create a Living Wall at Home with Plastics from Plastics Make it Possible on Vimeo.

Woolly Pockets allow you to create a unique garden in your home even if you lack a backyard or green space. Made with recycled plastics, these creatively designed planters can be used inside or out.

Winter Games Training from Plastics Make it Possible on Vimeo.

Aerialist skiers jump up to 40-50 feet in the air to perform multiple flips and twists before landing on a 34 to 39-degree inclined landing hill about 100 feet in length. These top athletes rely on plastic safety gear and plastic-based training tools. We caught up with US Aerial Skiing Coach Brian Currutt at the Olympic Park in Park City, Utah to learn more about the sport, the trends and next week’s games.