Vinyl Windows

Inherently Fire Retardant, Meeting Stringent Fire Requirements

imgOFokxuZIXc.pngVinyl window products, which are based on a naturally fire retardant polymer, have excellent fire performance qualities. Vinyl is self-extinguishing when a flame source is removed.

In addition, vinyl windows are able to meet building codes for ignitability, flammability, heat release, burning rate, flame spread and smoke density, according to John A. Sharry, former fire chief and past chairman of the National Fire Protection Association Committee on Fire Fighter Occupational Safety and Health. Certain vinyl formulations are able to meet the stringent National Electrical Code of the National Fire Protection Association for insulating electrical and data cables.

Most fire scientists recognize that the largest hazards in a fire are heat and carbon monoxide, an odorless asphyxiant gas produced in abundance by all organic materials, natural and synthetic. The contribution of the combustion products from vinyl windows to the overall toxic threat of fires containing many types of combustibles is insignificant.