Economic Importance


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  • The Canadian plastics industry employs about 82,000 people. Source: Statistics Canada                    
  • It is the 5th largest manufacturing employer in Canada (at the four-digit NAICS code level).
  • Source: Statistics Canada, Annual Survey of Manufactures and Logging   

Number of Firms  

  • There are about 2,600 firms engaged in plastic products in Canada. 
  • The industry is clustered in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and Alberta.
  • Source: Statistics Canada


  • In 2016, the total salaries reached $4.3 billion, increasing from $4.2 billion in 2015 or by 1.7%.
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Manufacturing Revenues    


  • The industry has maintained its growth pattern through 2016 and now contributes $8.3 billion to Canada’s GDP, representing 2% of global production of plastic products based on resin consumption. Three sectors represent 85% of demand: construction (34%), packaging (35%) and automotive (16%).
  • Source: Statistics Canada


  • 2017 trade information on imports and exports: 
    Exports: $10.8 billion Imports: $12.3 billion 
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Major Markets

  • Plastics products are used by virtually every end-use segment of the economy.   In the broadest sense, there are 3 major sub-sectors of the plastics industry: packaging, building materials, and transportation/automotive.

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