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Plastics Innovation ForumsThe purpose of the forums is to connect those in our industry wishing to grow their businesses through innovation with those in academia possessing technologies and capabilities to assist industry to innovate. Academia is rich with technology to assist our industry. Through the Plastics Innovation Forums, CPIA simply aims to unleash this technology on the industry.

Attendees at the events hear from university professors with emerging technologies in the fields of process optimization, materials and recycling, polymer compatibilizaton technologies for recycling, process aids/processes to improve efficiency and quality, and structural composites for industrial applications just to name a few. Attendees also hear from NSERC about its new Engage Grant Program, which provides up to $25,000 for collaborative innovation projects, as well as EDC about sources of financing for growth and exports.  

Here’s what forum attendees had to say:

"Thanks again for inviting me to speak at this event. Hats off to you and your staff for pulling together such a well organized event. We came away with a group of potential partners for our technology."  
Dr. Rui Resendes, PhD, Executive Director, GreenCentre Canada

"It was a great event and if I can just see it from the narrow view point of "one professor giving a talk" I made several important contacts and got a couple of good ideas. The break-out session was very useful and it should be part of any future forum. On the broader side, I can say that it was a rather rare event, where academics talk to such a large audience of industry people and both groups seem to enjoy it. Kudos to all."  
Dr. John Vlachopoulos, McMaster University

"The Plastics Innovation Forum organized by CPIA was successful. It seems such events are important, because depending upon the industrial issue on processing, design or chemical properties, one can get help from the required academia professor.”  
Harinder Tamber PhD, R & D Manager, Macro Engineering & Technology Inc.

"Congrats on an awesome event. Very informative and I came away with an interesting innovation potential."  
Bryce Miller, Vice President, GoGreenLight PLM Inc.

"Congratulations again for a very well executed event. Top drawer. Hats off!"  
Veso Sobot, Director Corporate Affairs, IPEX  

"Congratulations on an absolutely outstanding day today at CPIA’s inaugural Innovation Forum.The event in Toronto was a near sell-out and the crowd was buzzing. The quality of the presentations was very strong and the level of engagement in the one-on-one sessions was quite exceptional."  
Greg Wilkinson, President,Third Oak Consulting

“The Innovation Forum was a well executed event which provided a unique environment to network with peers. The presentations were thought provoking and it was exciting to gain insight to the developments underway in the plastics industry.  Thanks to the CPIA and the organizers for putting this event together.” 
Belinda Waters, Ingenia Polymers

"The forum was an invaluable opportunity to connect with BC’s plastics industry, many of whom were unaware of the on-going research efforts in the field of polymer chemistry at UBC.  We have made some important connections with local industry and I look forward to accessing these resources as our early-stage research moves toward real-world applications."
Professor Laurel Schaefer, University of British Columbia 

"The Plastic Innovation Forum organized by the CPIA was well worth attending. I had great discussions during lunch and the break- out sessions with professionals from various businesses.  There wa good net working opportunities and learned some valuable information by the end of the day. I look forward to attending next year’s event."  
Dale Ince, Vice President Manufacturing, Flexstar Packaging Inc

The Plastics Innovation Forums showcase just some of the exciting work being undertaken on campus’ across the country. We believe that many of the small and medium sized firms within the industry will be able to bolster their innovative capabilities by tapping into the capabilities of academia.